Coastal Science is a well regarded UK consultancy providing the following specialist services:



Tidal Resource Assessment

Marine Discharges

Thermal Plumes

Water Quality

Dredge Dispersal

Oil Spills & Cuttings

Initial Dilutions & Mixing Zone




Tender Appraisal

Consenting and Permits

Vessel & Personnel Audits

On-Site Client Representation

Oversight & Management

Contractor Liaison



Marine Discharges


Tidal Power

Water Quality

Peer Review

Advice and Support

Consents & Permitting



Work is carried out for a diverse range of clients from multi-national power companies through public sector bodies to tidal developers and small fish farms.

Work is also undertaken, on an associate basis, for a growing number of larger consultancies, both in the UK and overseas.   

Clients include:













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