Coastal Science consultancy services


Coastal Science undertakes consultancy services for a wide range of projects relating to the estuarine and coastal environments, including:

Specialist Advice and Support

Peer Review

Marine Discharges

Specialist Advice and Support

Provision of a range of marine and oceanographic consultancy services for a range of activities including:


Oil Spill & Drill Cuttings

Hydrodynamics & Tidal Flows

Harmonic Analysis of ADCP & Tide Gauge Data

Water Quality

Permitting and Consents

Tidal Power

Special Investigations

Project Support

Coastal Science Ltd - Oceanographic and geophysical surveys


 Peer Review

With 20 years of modelling and survey management experience, Coastal Science is ideally placed to undertake critical reviews of reports and data on your behalf.  Reviews of:

Numerical modelling scoping documents

Numerical modelling reports

Marine survey scoping documents

Marine survey reports

Marine survey data

Marine and oceanographic project documents and proposals


Coastal Science Ltd - dispersion of marine discharges



Marine Discharges

Coastal Science has 20 years of experience of predicting, assessing and optimising the near- and far-field dispersion of marine discharges, from small Fish Farms or Waste Water Treatment Works effluent flows of just a few litres/second, to Large Combustion Plant cooling water discharges of many tens of cubic metres per second.  Consultancy services are often based around:


Near field characterisation of the effluent plume is generally undertaken with the industry standard CORMIX, or with the Environment Agency's Initial Dilution model. Output is then considered in the light of experience and available data before recommendations for outfall design optimisations are made.
For far-field impact assessment, Coastal Science routinely applies Delft3D and Mike hydrodynamic and water quality models.  More info here


Oceanographic surveys - current metering, dye tracing, etcetera- will be required in order to improve site knowledge and for model calibration purposes. Coastal Science undertakes Specification, Management and on-site Representation for coastal surveys.


Recent examples of these assessment contracts include:

Fish Farm effluent consenting, Scotland - Hjaltland Hatcheries

Tidal Resource Assessments, Kyle Rhea - Marine Current Turbines

ADCP Harmonic Analysis leading to extended forecasting - numerous clients

 IPPC Significant Emissions Assessments for Large Power Stations, UK - RWE npower

Tidal Lagoon Marine Consultancy & Support, Wales - Tidal Lagoon Power

 Critical Peer Review - Suez Canal Extension Modelling - DAR al Handasah

Tender Review - Large Modelling & Survey Contracts, Scotland - Scottish Power Renewables

Power Station Discharges -  Near Field and Far Field Assessments - UK - RWE npower

Holyhead Harbour Modelling Study, Critical Peer Review - WECC Services

Sewage Discharges - Initial Dilution & Pathogen Dispersion Assessments, UK, numerous


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