Coastal Modelling


With 20 years of experience, Delft3D and Mike by DHI coastal modelling suites are routinely applied to a wide range of hydrodynamic and water quality studies, with their application frequently underpinned through near-field assessments carried out with the US-EPA supported CORMIX model. Dozens of projects have been undertaken across the marine sector, including:



Model development makes full use of the OpenEarth concept, significantly reducing data costs often associated with coastal modelling, while maintaining or enhancing high standards of model calibration and validation.


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Coastal Modelling Projects


Coastal and estuarine hydrodynamic and water quality modelling allowing FAR FIELD impact assessment and design optimisation for releases of, for example: Large Combustion Plant Cooling Water; Waste Water; Aquaculture effluent; RO hyper-saline effluent.

Initial Dilutions and other NEAR FIELD assessments for outfall plumes with particular expertise in the application of the industry standard CORMIX near field modelling system, and the Environment Agency's Initial Dilution model.

Clients to date range from multinational power companies to small aquaculture businesses. 

  • Power Station Thermal Effluent Modelling, Wales - RWE npower

  • Pathogen Dispersion & Decay Modelling, UK - Wessex Water

  • Sewage Discharges Initial Dilution & Near Field Assessments, UK, various

  • Power Station Discharge Near Field Assessments, UK - RWE npower

Marine Renewables

Hydrodynamic modelling in support of marine tidal energy resource assessment, site characterisation and design stage studies. 

High resolution, accurate, Resource Assessment Model applications leading to predictions and animations of total resource, plus screening of multiple locations in terms of MWh/y,  for micro-siting ADCP deployments and targeted device installations.

Recent tidal energy projects include: 

  • Pentland Firth - Scottish Power Renewables

  • Islay and Antrim Resource Assessment / Array Modelling - DP Energy

  • Swansea Bay / Severn Estuary - Tidal Lagoon Power

  • Resource Assessment Modelling, Channel Islands - States of Guernsey

Coastal Science is presently developing a range of high resolution hydrodynamic models which target other sites coming under consideration for tidal stream generation. 

Water Quality, Dredge Dispersal, Oil Dispersal and Cuttings

Undertaken in Delft3D or Mike by DHI, both of which are market leading, state-of-the art, comprehensive software packages.  Coastal Science has eighteen years continuous experience of:

  • Coastal and estuarine hydrodynamic modelling

  • Coastal and estuarine water quality modelling

  • Particle tracking

  • Oil spill & blowout modelling

  • Dredge dispersal modelling.


Modelling of drill cuttings can also be undertaken, with CORMIX 8.0 GTS, which meets the drill cuttings and muds modelling requirements of offshore oil and gas drilling operations. 

CORMIX is a US EPA-supported near field model and decision support system for environmental impact assessment of mixing zones resulting from continuous point source discharges, and has been applied by Coastal Science to consideration of numerous marine discharge scenarios.

Clients include major utility companies and fish farms.  Projects are also undertaken on an associate basis for major consultancies throughout the UK and overseas.

  • Resource Assessment Modelling, Islay - DP Marine Energy

  • Dredge Dispersal Modelling, Sierra Leone - Worley

  • Oil Dispersal Modelling (Blowout and Surface Spill), South China Sea

  • Oil Spill Statistical Dispersion Modelling, UK – Portland Port