Survey Management


Often associated with tight timescales for data delivery and high mobilisation & operation costs, surveys are usually on the project's critical path.

Working closely with clients and their contractors to achieve the best outcome, we offer a full range of survey management services for oceanographic and geophysical surveys including:


  • Survey specification

  • Tender appraisal

  • Consenting and permits

  • Contractor personnel and vessel audits

  • On-site client representation 

  • Through-programme contractor liaison


We specialise in surveys generally associated with marine discharges and marine renewables and up to 60 nautical miles from the coast, rather than the very different offshore surveys usually associated with the oil and gas sector.


Survey Management Projects

Recent contracts include: 

  • Geophysical and Oceanographic Survey Specification, CPA Licensing, Contractor Audit & full Survey Management, Wales - Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd

  • Client Representation for Geophysical & Bathymetric Wind Farm Surveys, Rhyll Flats

  • Survey Management & Client Representation for Oceanographic & Thermal Plume Tracking Surveys, UK - E.ON

  • Contractor Audit & Client Representation for extensive Oceanographic and Water Quality Surveys, Solway Firth

  • ADCP Deployment Specification, Skye - Marine Current Turbines

  • Wind Farm Oceanographic Deployments - Client Representation, outer Firth of Forth

  • Tidal Renewables Survey Specification & Tender Appraisals, Orkney - Scottish Power Renewables

  • Client Representation for Fixed Instrument Deployments & ADCP Profiling, Ayrshire